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Trudy Kraft "Flora and Fauna #6" Mixed Media Geometric Birds in Natural Frame

Trudy Kraft "Flora and Fauna #6" Mixed Media Geometric Birds in Natural Frame

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Trudy Kraft "Flora and Fauna #6" intricate mixed media featuring birds and flowers in every color and shape. Floated in a natural wood frame. From the Gross McLeaf Gallery in Philadelphia. $975 price tag on back. Artwork in frame measures 17.25" x 14". Painting and frame both in excellent condition.

"Trudy Kraft's works on paper are songs in praise of cosmic interconnectedness. Her universal signs and symbols radiant hemispheres, leaves, dots, and spirals point beyond themselves. Her saturated reds, greens, yellows, and blues provide long, satisfying drinks of color. Kraft orchestrates symphonies to the wonders of life its micro and macro excellence, its unbelievable design, its mystery...

The joy for the viewer is to be welcomed into this beautiful space and allowed to wander freely, imbibing its cleansing optimism. Art is endless, like a river flowing, Jorge Luis Borges once said. Kraft's art flows with the confidence of a seasoned explorer. It is a gift to be invited along on the journey."

Roberta Fallon
Art critic, Philadelphia Weekly

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